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get (timer)

Display or get timer object properties



get(obj) displays all property names and their current values for the timer object obj. obj must be a single timer object.

V = get(obj) returns a structure, V, where each field name is the name of a property of obj and each field contains the value of that property. If obj is an M-by-1 vector of timer objects, V is an M-by-1 array of structures.

V = get(obj,'PropertyName') returns the value, V, of the timer object property specified in PropertyName.

If PropertyName is a 1-by-N or N-by-1 cell array of strings containing property names, V is a 1-by-N cell array of values. If obj is a vector of timer objects, V is an M-by-N cell array of property values where M is equal to the length of obj and N is equal to the number of properties specified.


See Also

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