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Graphical input from a mouse or cursor



ginput enables you to select points from the figure using the mouse for cursor positioning. The figure must have focus before ginput receives input.

[x,y] = ginput(n) enables you to select n points from the current axes and returns the x- and y-coordinates in the column vectors x and y, respectively. Press the Return key to terminate the input before entering n points.

[x,y] = ginput gathers an unlimited number of points until you press the Return key.

[x,y,button] = ginput(...) returns the x-coordinates, the y-coordinates, and the button or key designation. button is a vector of integers indicating which mouse buttons you pressed (1 for left, 2 for middle, 3 for right), or ASCII numbers indicating which keys on the keyboard you pressed.


If you select points from multiple axes, the results you get are relative to those axes' coordinate systems.


Pick 10 two-dimensional points from the figure window.

Position the cursor with the mouse. Enter data points by pressing a mouse button or a key on the keyboard. To terminate input before entering 10 points, press the Return key.

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