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Plot set of nodes using an adjacency matrix



The gplot function graphs a set of coordinates using an adjacency matrix.

gplot(A,Coordinates) plots a graph of the nodes defined in Coordinates according to the n-by-n adjacency matrix A, where n is the number of nodes. Coordinates is an n-by-2 matrix, where n is the number of nodes and each coordinate pair represents one node.

gplot(A,Coordinates,LineSpec) plots the nodes using the line type, marker symbol, and color specified by LineSpec.


For two-dimensional data, Coordinates(i,:) = [x(i) y(i)] denotes node i, and Coordinates(j,:) = [x(j) y(j)] denotes node j. If node i and node j are connected, A(i,j) or A(j,i) is nonzero; otherwise, A(i,j) and A(j,i) are zero.


To draw half of a Bucky ball with asterisks at each node,

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