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Zooming In and Out on an Image

To enlarge an image to get a closer look or shrink an image to see the whole image in context, use the Zoom buttons on the toolbar. (You can also zoom in or out on an image by changing the magnification -- see Specifying the Magnification of the Image.)

To zoom in or zoom out on an image,

  1. Click the appropriate magnifying glass button in the Image Tool toolbar or select the Zoom In or Zoom Out option in the Tools menu.

  2. Move the cursor over the image you want to zoom in or out on, using the mouse. The cursor changes to the appropriate magnifying glass icon. With each click, the Image Tool changes the magnification of the image, centering the new view of the image on the spot where you clicked.
  1. When you zoom in or out on an image, the magnification value displayed in the magnification edit box changes and the Overview window updates the position of the detail rectangle.

  1. To leave zoom mode, click the active zoom button again to deselect it.

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