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Specifying the Magnification of the Image

To enlarge an image to get a closer look or to shrink an image to see the whole image in context, you can use the magnification edit box, shown in the following figure. (You can also use the Zoom buttons to enlarge or shrink an image. See Zooming In and Out on an Image for more information.)

Image Tool Magnification Edit Box and Menu

To change the magnification of an image,

  1. Move the cursor into the magnification edit box. The cursor changes to the text entry cursor.
  2. Type a new value in the magnification edit box and press Enter. The Image Tool changes the magnification of the image and displays the new view in the window.

You can also specify a magnification by clicking the menu associated with the magnification edit box and selecting from a list of preset magnifications. If you choose the Fit to Window option, the Image Tool scales the image so that the entire image is visible.

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