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Viewing Multiple Images

If you specify a file that contains multiple images, imshow and imtool only display the first image in the file. To view all the images in the file, import the images into the MATLAB workspace by calling imread. See Reading Multiple Images from a Graphics File for more information.

Some applications create collections of images related by time or view, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) slices or frames of data acquired from a video stream. The Image Processing Toolbox supports these collections of images as four-dimensional arrays, where each separate image is called a frame and the frames are concatenated along the fourth dimension. All the frames in a multiframe image must be the same size.

Once the images are in the MATLAB workspace, there are two ways to display them using imshow:

To view all the frames in a multiframe image at once, you can also use the montage function. See Displaying All Frames of a Multiframe Image at Once for more information.

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