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Displaying All Frames of a Multiframe Image at Once

To view all the frames in a multiframe array at one time, use the montage function. montage divides a figure window into multiple display regions and displays each image in a separate region.

The syntax for montage is similar to the imshow syntax. To display a multiframe grayscale image, the syntax is

To display a multiframe indexed image, the syntax is

This example loads and displays all frames of a multiframe indexed image. The example initializes an array to hold the 27 frames in the multiframe image file and then loops, using imread to read a single frame from the image file at each iteration.

All Frames of Multiframe Image Displayed in One Figure

montage displays the first frame in the first position of the first row, the next frame in the second position of the first row, and so on. montage arranges the frames so that they roughly form a square.

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