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Displaying and Exploring Images

This chapter describes the image display and exploration tools provided by the Image Processing Toolbox.
Comparison of toolbox display functions
Using imshow to Display Images
How to use the imshow display function
Using the Image Tool to Explore Images
How to use the Image Tool integrated display and exploration environment
Using Image Tool Navigation Aids
Image Tool navigation aids including the Overview tool, panning, and zooming
Getting Information about the Pixels in an Image
Image Tool pixel information tools, including the Pixel Region tool and the Pixel Information tool
Getting Information About an Image
Image Tool's Image Information tool
Adjusting the Contrast and Brightness of an Image
Image Tool's Adjust Contrast tool
Viewing Multiple Images
Using imshow and imtool to view multiple images
Displaying Different Image Types
Using imshow and imtool with each image type
Special Display Techniques
Using the colorbar, montage, and warp functions
Printing Images
Print images from imshow and the Image Tool
Setting Toolbox Display Preferences
Setting toolbox preferences

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