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Spatial Transformations

This chapter describes the spatial transformation functions in the Image Processing Toolbox. A spatial transformation (also known as a geometric operation) modifies the spatial relationship between pixels in an image, mapping pixel locations in an input image to new locations in an output image. The toolbox includes functions that perform certain specialized spatial transformations, such as resizing and rotating an image. In addition, the toolbox includes functions that you can use to perform many types of 2-D and N-D spatial transformations, including custom transformations.
Provides background information about spatial transformations and interpolation
Resizing an Image
Describes how to use the imresize function to change the size of an image
Rotating an Image
Describes how to use the imrotate function to rotate an image
Cropping an Image
Describes how to use the imcrop function to extract a rectangular portion of an image
Performing General 2-D Spatial Transformations
Describes how to perform a general spatial transformation of a 2-D image
Performing N-Dimensional Spatial Transformations
Describes the toolbox functions you can use to perform N-D spatial transformations of arrays
Example: Performing Image Registration
Shows how to use some capabilities of imtransform to view the results of image registration

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