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Getting Help

For more information about the topics covered in these exercises, read the tutorial chapters that make up the remainder of this documentation. For reference information about any of the Image Processing Toolbox functions, see the online Function Reference, which complements the M-file help that is displayed in the MATLAB command window when you type

For example,

Online Help

The Image Processing Toolbox User's Guide documentation is available online in both HTML and PDF formats. To access the HTML help, select Help from the menu bar of the MATLAB desktop. In the Help Navigator pane, click the Contents tab and expand the Image Processing Toolbox topic in the list.

To access the PDF help, click Image Processing Toolbox in the Contents tab of the Help browser and go to the link under "Printable Documentation (PDF)." (Note that to view the PDF help, you must have Adobe's Acrobat Reader installed.)

Image Processing Demos

The Image Processing Toolbox is supported by a full complement of demo applications. These are very useful as templates for your own end-user applications, or for seeing how to use and combine your toolbox functions for powerful image analysis and enhancement.

To view all the Image Processing Toolbox demos, call the iptdemos function. This displays an HTML page in the MATLAB Help browser that lists all the Image Processing Toolbox demos.

You can also view this page by starting the MATLAB Help browser and clicking the Demos tab in the Help Navigator pane. From the list of products with demos, select the Image Processing Toolbox.

The toolbox demos are located under the subdirectory

where matlabroot represents your MATLAB installation directory.

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