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Building MATLAB Web Server Applications

MATLAB Web Server applications are a combination of M-files, Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), and graphics. Knowledge of MATLAB programming and basic HTML are the only requirements.

The application development process requires a small number of simple steps:

  1. Create the HTML documents for collection of the input data from users and display of output. You can code the input documents using a text editor to input HTML directly, or you can use one of the commercially available HTML authoring systems, such as Front Page from Microsoft, PageMill from Adobe, or HoTMetaL from SoftQuad.
  2. List the application name and associated configuration data in the configuration file matweb.conf. (See matweb.conf for a description of this file.)
  3. Write a MATLAB M-file that:
    1. Receives the data entered in the HTML input form.
    2. Analyzes the data and generates any requested graphics.
    3. Places the output data into a MATLAB structure.
    4. Calls htmlrep to place the output data into an HTML output document template. (See htmlrep for a description of this process.) The maximum amount of HTML data you can receive from MATLAB is 256 KB.

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