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Product Requirements

The MATLAB Web Server has the same supporting hardware and software requirements as MATLAB itself, except for memory required. MATLAB hardware and software requirements are documented in the MATLAB Installation Guide for your computer.

Memory requirements while running the MATLAB Web Server vary with the number of MATLABs configured. Each MATLAB running under the MATLAB Web Server consumes 256 KB of memory.

The MATLAB Web Server requires that TCP/IP networking software must be installed on your computer.

Web Requirements

Web Browsers

To submit input to and receive output from the MATLAB Web Server, you must install a Web browser suitable for your platform. Current versions of the MATLAB Web Server have been tested with Netscape Communicator Release 4.7 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0. Earlier browser releases will probably also work but have not been tested.

The MathWorks does not redistribute these products. You can obtain them directly from the companies that developed them. You can find additional information at or

Web Server

You need to install Web server software (HTTPD or similar) on the system where MATLAB is running or on a machine that has network access to the machine where MATLAB is running. There are numerous sources for obtaining this software, including:

The Web server software must be capable of running Common Gateway Interface (CGI) programs.

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