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Solaris/Linux Post-Installation Procedures

The MATLAB Web Server installation procedure places five scripts into the <matlab>/webserver directory:

Enter the command

at the command prompt to see detailed information about a specific script.

After completing the MATLAB and MATLAB Web Server installation process, run the webconf script to generate the matlabserver.conf file. Then run webstart to start matlabserver. Run webdown at any time to stop matlabserver execution.

Automatic Startup at System Boot

  1. To start matlabserver automatically at system boot, create the following links and file while logged in as root (superuser).
  1. $WEBSERVER_MARKER is a marker string that uniquely identifies this release of the MATLAB Web Server. It is defined in the matlabserver.conf file. (See matlabserver.conf.) The default is _TMW$RELEASE, where $RELEASE is a string like 'R12', also set in matlabserver.conf.

  1. In the directory $MATLAB/webserver are two initialization scripts:
  1. Solaris users should copy the script as shown below.

    Linux users should copy the appropriate script as shown below.

  1. Open the copied file in a text editor and follow the directions for modifying the file. Save and close the file when you are done.
  2. Solaris users should create a link in the rc directory associated with run level 3.
  1. Linux users should look in /etc/inittab for the default run level. Create a link in the rc directory associated with that run level. For example, if it is 5

  1. You can test the changes you have made without rebooting your system. To start the MATLAB Web Server on Solaris, enter
  1. On Linux, enter

  1. To check that the MATLAB Web Server is operational on any system, enter
  1. $CONFIGURATION_FILE is the path to the file matlabserver.conf.

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