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Publishing Results

MATLAB provides two different approaches for publishing: using cells and with the Notebook features for Microsoft Word.
Publishing to HTML, XML, LaTeX, Word, and PowerPoint Using Cells
Use cells to publish M-file scripts, including code, comments, and results, to popular output formats.
Marking Up Text in Cells for Publishing
Prepare an M-file for publishing.
Publishing M-Files Using Cells
Publish an M-file and set preferences for publishing.
Notebook for Publishing to Word
Create an M-book in Microsoft Word, enter commands, and perform other basic tasks.
Defining MATLAB Commands as Input Cells for Notebook
Make text in the M-book become a MATLAB command.
Evaluating MATLAB Commands with Notebook
Run the MATLAB commands in the M-book.
Printing and Formatting an M-Book
Control styles and print M-books.
Configuring Notebook
Set up Notebook for use with your version of Word.
Notebook Feature Reference
Alphabetical listing of features.

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