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Specify the figure alphamap (transparency)



alphamap enables you to set or modify a figure's Alphamap property. Unless you specify a figure handle as the first argument, alphamap operates on the current figure.

alphamap(alpha_map) sets the AlphaMap of the current figure to the specified m-by-1 array of alpha values.

alphamap('parameter') creates a new alphamap or modifies the current alphamap. You can specify the following parameters:

alphamap('parameter',length) creates a new alphamap with the length specified by length (used with parameters rampup, rampdown, vup, vdown).

alphamap('parameter',delta) modifies the existing alphamap using the value specified by delta (used with parameters increase, decrease, spin).

alphamap(figure_handle,...) performs the operation on the alphamap of the figure identified by figure_handle.

alpha_map = alphamap returns the current alphamap.

alpha_map = alphamap(figure_handle) returns the current alphamap from the figure identified by figure_handle.

alpha_map = alphamap('parameter') returns the alphamap modified by the parameter, but does not set the AlphaMap property.

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