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Set or query the axes alpha limits



alpha_limits = alim returns the alpha limits (the axes ALim property) of the current axes.

alim([amin amax]) sets the alpha limits to the specified values. amin is the value of the data mapped to the first alpha value in the alphamap, and amax is the value of the data mapped to the last alpha value in the alphamap. Data values in between are linearly interpolated across the alphamap, while data values outside are clamped to either the first or last alphamap value, whichever is closest.

alim_mode = alim('mode') returns the alpha limits mode (the axes ALimMode property) of the current axes.

alim('alim_mode') sets the alpha limits mode on the current axes. alim_mode can be

alim(axes_handle,...) operates on the specified axes.

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