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Saves a Handle Graphics object hierarchy to a file



hgsave('filename') saves the current figure to a file named filename.

hgsave(h,'filename') saves the objects identified by the array of handles h to a file named filename. If you do not specify an extension for filename, then MATLAB adds the extension .fig. If h is a vector, none of the handles in h may be ancestors or descendents of any other handles in h.

hgsave(...,'all') overrides the default behavior, which does not save nonserializable objects. Nonserializable objects include the default toolbars and default menus. This allows revisions of the default menus and toolbars to occur without affecting existing FIG-files and also reduces the size of FIG-files. Passing the string all to hgsave ensures that nonserializable objects are also saved.

Note: the default behavior of hgload is to ignore nonserializable objects in the file at load time. This behavior can be overwritten using the all argument with hgload.

hgsave(...,'-v6') saves the FIG-file in a format that can be loaded by versions prior to MATLAB 7.

Full Backward Compatibility

When creating a figure you want to save and use in a MATLAB version prior to MATLAB 7, use the 'v6' option with the plotting function and the '-v6' option for hgsave. Check the reference page for the plotting function you are using for more information.

See Plot Objects and Backward Compatibility for more information.

See Also

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