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Examples of Basic Operations

This section provides step-by-step instructions for common printing and exporting tasks. Each printing example tells you how to perform the task from the print menus and from the command line. You can perform some tasks from the command line and others only from the menus.

The examples presented here are

Printing a Figure at Screen Size

By default, MATLAB prints your figure at 8-by-6 inches. This size includes the area delimited by the background. This example shows how to print or export your figure the same size it is displayed on your screen.

Using the Graphical User Interface

  1. Resize your figure window to the size you want it to be when printed.
  2. Select Page Setup from the figure window's File menu, and select the Size and Position tab.
  3. In the Mode panel, select Use screen size, centered on page.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Open the Print dialog box and print the figure.

Using MATLAB Commands

Set the PaperPositionMode property to auto before printing the figure.

If later you want to print the figure at its original size, set PaperPositionMode back to 'manual'.

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