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Viewing and Editing Workspace Variables with the Array Editor

Use the Array Editor to view and edit a visual representation of one or two-dimensional numeric arrays, strings, cell arrays of strings, and structures. You can also view the contents of multidimensional arrays. If you are using the Help browser, watch the Array Editor video demo for an overview of the major functionality.

The features of the Array Editor are

Opening the Array Editor

To open the Array Editor from the Workspace browser,

  1. In the Workspace browser, select the variable you want to open. Shift+click or Ctrl+click to select multiple variables, or use Ctrl+A to select all variables to open.
  2. Click the Open Selection button on the toolbar. For one variable, you can also open it by double-clicking it.
  1. The Array Editor opens, displaying the values for the selected variable.

    Image of Array Editor showing key features. Rows and columns are labeled, for example row 1 and column 1. Edit the content of an element by typing in the field. Use document tabs to access other variables open in the Array Editor.

Repeat the steps to open additional variables in the Array Editor. Access each variable via its tab at the bottom of the window, or use the Window menu.

Function Alternatives

To open a variable in the Array Editor, use openvar with the name of the variable you want to open as the argument. For example, type


MATLAB opens M in the Array Editor.

To see the contents of a variable in the workspace, just type the variable name at the Command Window prompt. For example, type


and MATLAB returns

M = 

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