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Modified Bessel function of the first kind



The differential equation

where is a real constant, is called the modified Bessel's equation, and its solutions are known as modified Bessel functions.

and form a fundamental set of solutions of the modified Bessel's equation for noninteger . is defined by

where is the gamma function.

is a second solution, independent of . It can be computed using besselk.


I = besseli(nu,Z) computes the modified Bessel function of the first kind, , for each element of the array Z. The order nu need not be an integer, but must be real. The argument Z can be complex. The result is real where Z is positive.

If nu and Z are arrays of the same size, the result is also that size. If either input is a scalar, it is expanded to the other input's size. If one input is a row vector and the other is a column vector, the result is a two-dimensional table of function values.

I = besseli(nu,Z,1) computes besseli(nu,Z).*exp(-abs(real(Z))).

[I,ierr] = besseli(...) also returns completion flags in an array the same size as I.

besseli successfully computed the modified Bessel function for this element.
Illegal arguments.
Overflow. Returns Inf.
Some loss of accuracy in argument reduction.
Unacceptable loss of accuracy, Z or nu too large.
No convergence. Returns NaN.


Example 1.

Example 2. besseli(3:9,(0:.2,10)',1) generates the entire table on page 423 of [1] Abramowitz and Stegun, Handbook of Mathematical Functions.


The besseli functions uses a Fortran MEX-file to call a library developed by D. E. Amos [3] [4].

See Also

airy, besselh, besselj, besselk, bessely


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[4]  Amos, D. E., "A Portable Package for Bessel Functions of a Complex Argument and Nonnegative Order," Trans. Math. Software, 1986.

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