Image Processing Toolbox User's Guide


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Introductory Examples

Example 1 -- Some Basic Concepts
Example 2 -- Advanced Topics
Reading a Graphics Image
Writing a Graphics Image

Image Display

Displaying Indexed Images
Displaying Grayscale Images
Displaying Binary Images
Displaying Truecolor Images
Special Display Techniques

Modular Tools

Embedding the Pixel Region Tool in an Existing Figure
Building a Pixel Information GUI
Building a Navigation GUI for Large Images
Building an Image Comparison Tool

Morphology Examples

Creating a Structuring Element
Dilating an Image
Eroding an Image
Combining Dilation and Erosion
Filling Holes
Finding Peaks and Valleys
Viewing a Label Matrix
Selecting Objects in a Binary Image
Finding the Area of the Foreground of a Binary Image
Finding the Euler Number of a Binary Image

Image Analysis

Detecting Edges
Using Quadtree Decomposition

Image Enhancement

Adjusting Intensity Values to a Specified Range
Contrast-Limited Adaptive Histogram Equalization
Decorrelation Stretching
Noise Removal
Using Median Filtering
Using Adaptive Filtering

Working with Regions of Interest

Selecting a Polygon
Filtering a Region

Image Restoration

Deblurring with the Wiener Filter
Deblurring with a Regularized Filter
Deblurring with the Lucy-Richardson Algorithm
Deblurring with the Blind Deconvolution Algorithm

Working with Color

Determining Screen Bit Depth
Reducing the Number of Colors in an Image
Reducing Colors in an Indexed Image
Performing a Color Space Conversion
Performing a Profile-Based Conversion