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Summary of Desktop Tools

The following tools are managed by the MATLAB desktop, although not all of them appear by default when you first start. If you prefer a command-line interface, you can often use equivalent functions to accomplish the same result. You must use these equivalent functions to perform the operations in M-files. Instructions for using equivalent functions are provided with the documentation for each tool.

Desktop Tool
Array Editor
View array contents in a table format and edit the values.
Command History
View a log of the functions you entered in the Command Window, copy them, execute them, and more.
Command Window
Run MATLAB statements.
Current Directory Browser
View files, perform file operations such as open, find files and file content, and manage and tune your files.
Create, edit, and debug M-files (files containing MATLAB statements).
Create, modify, view, and print MATLAB figures.
Help Browser
View and search the documentation for all your MathWorks products.
Improve the performance of your M-files.
Start Button
Run tools and access documentation for all of your MathWorks products, and create and use MATLAB shortcuts.
Web Browser
View HTML and related files produced by MATLAB.
Workspace Browser
View and make changes to the contents of the workspace.

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