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Getting Started

    What Is the Database Toolbox?
        How Databases Connect to MATLAB
        Features of the Database Toolbox
        Expected Background for Users
        Using the Visual Query Builder Versus Functions

    System Requirements
        MATLAB and Related Products
        Structured Query Language (SQL)
        Data Types

    Setting Up a Data Source
        Getting and Preparing Databases for Examples
        Setting Up a Data Source for ODBC Drivers
        Setting Up a Data Source for JDBC Drivers

    Starting the Database Toolbox
        Online Help


Visual Query Builder

    Getting Started with the Visual Query Builder GUI
        Before You Start
        Starting the Visual Query Builder
        Steps for Retrieving Data with the VQB
        Steps for Exporting Data with the VQB
        Help and Demos for the Visual Query Builder
        Quitting the Visual Query Builder

    Creating and Running a Query to Import Data
        Building and Executing a Query

    Saving, Editing, Clearing Variables for, and Specifying Preferences for Queries
        Saving a Query
        Editing a Query
        Clearing Variables in the Data Area
        Specifying Preferences for NULLS, Data Format, and Error Handling

    Viewing Query Results
        Relational Display of Data
        Chart Display of Results
        Report Display of Results in a Table
        Customized Display of Results in the Report Generator

    Fine-Tuning Queries Using Advanced Query Options
        Retrieving Unique Occurrences
        Retrieving Information That Meets Specified Criteria
        Presenting Results in Specified Order
        Creating Subqueries for Values from Multiple Tables
        Creating Queries for Results from Multiple Tables
        Other Features in Advanced Query Options

    Retrieving BINARY and OTHER Java Data
        Retrieving Images in Data

    Exporting Data Using the VQB
    BOOLEAN (MATLAB logical) Data
        Importing BOOLEAN Data
        Exporting BOOLEAN Data

    Using VQB Queries in Database Toolbox Functions
        Example Using VQB SQL Statement with exec Function
        Example Using VQB MATLAB Command with insert Function

Using Functions in the Database Toolbox

    Importing Data into MATLAB from a Database
    Viewing Information About the Imported Data
    Exporting Data from MATLAB to a New Record in a Database
    Replacing Existing Data in a Database from MATLAB
    Exporting Multiple New Records from MATLAB
    Retrieving BINARY or OTHER Java SQL Data Types
    Accessing Metadata
        Resultset Metadata Object

    Performing Driver Functions
    About Objects and Methods for the Database Toolbox
    Working with Cell Arrays in MATLAB
        Viewing Cell Array Data Returned from a Query
        Viewing Elements of Cell Array Data
        Performing Functions on Cell Array Data
        Creating Cell Arrays for Exporting Data from MATLAB

Functions -- Categorical List

    Database Connection
    SQL Cursor
    Importing Data into MATLAB from a Database
    Exporting Data from MATLAB to a Database
    Database Metadata Object
    Driver Object
    Drivermanager Object
    Resultset Object
    Resultset Metadata Object
    Visual Query Builder

Functions -- Alphabetical List

GUI Reference

    Visual Query Builder Dialog Box
        See Also

    Data Operation
        See Also

    Data Source
        See Also

        See Also

        See Also

    Advanced Query Options
        See Also

    All or Distinct
        Example Using All and Distinct
        See Also

        Where Clauses Dialog Box
        Examples Using Where Clauses
        See Also
        Current Clauses

    Group By
        Group By Clauses Dialog Box
        Example Using Group By Clauses
        See Also

        Having Clauses Dialog Box
        Example Using Having Clause
        See Also

    Order By
        Order By Clauses Dialog Box
        Example Using Order By Clauses

    SQL Statement or MATLAB Command
        SQL Statement
        MATLAB Command
        See Also

    MATLAB Workspace Variable
        Variable for Select Data Operation
        Variable for Insert Data Operation
        See Also

        Error Dialog Box
        See Also

        About Imported Data
        See Also

    Display Menu
        See Also
        Display Data
        Display Chart
        Display Report
        Display Report Generator

    Query Menu
        Execute Queries
        Load Saved Queries
        Save Queries
        Preferences for Queries
        See Also

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