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Wavelets: A New Tool for Signal Analysis

What Is the Wavelet Toolbox?
Overview of the Wavelet Toolbox
Background Reading
Resources for additional information
Installing the Wavelet Toolbox
Installation instructions, system recommendations, and platform information
Wavelet Applications
Scale and time aspects of wavelet applications
Fourier Analysis
Introduction to Fourier analysis
Short-Time Fourier Analysis
Description of short-time Fourier analysis
Wavelet Analysis
Introduction to wavelet analysis
What Is Wavelet Analysis?
Details on wavelet analysis
The Continuous Wavelet Transform
Description of the continuous wavelet transform
The Discrete Wavelet Transform
Description of the discrete wavelet transform
Wavelet Reconstruction
Description of wavelet reconstruction
Wavelet Packet Analysis
Description of wavelet packet analysis
History of Wavelets
Background history of wavelets
An Introduction to the Wavelet Families
Overview of wavelet families

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