Desktop Tools and Development Environment


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Startup and Shutdown

Starting MATLAB from an M-File or Other File Type

Desktop Arrangements

Example of Desktop--Default Layout
Tool Outside of Desktop and Other Tools Tabbed Inside Desktop Example
Tiled Documents in Desktop Example
No Empty Document Tiles Example
Maximized Documents Outside of the Desktop Example
Floating (Cascaded) Figures in Desktop Example
Undocked Tools and Documents Example

Other Desktop Examples

Shortcuts for MATLAB--Easily Run a Group of Statements
Changing the Font--Example
Tab Completion
Search Documentation with the Help Browser
Adding Your Own Toolboxes to the Start Button
Adding Your Own Help Files in the Help Browser
Adding Your Own Demos

Editing and Debugging M-Files

Incremental Search
Debugging Example--The Collatz Problem
Example--Define Cells
Example--Evaluate Cells
Indenting for Enter Key
Examples of Function Indenting Format Preference.

Tuning and Managing M-Files

Example Using M-Lint Messages to Improve Code
Using the profile Function

Publishing M-Files

Example of Publishing Without Text Markup
Example of Publishing with Text Markup