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Polynomials and Interpolation

Multidimensional Data Gridding
Triangulation and Interpolation of Scattered Data

Data Analysis and Statistics

Polynomial Fit
Analyzing Residuals
Exponential Fit
Error Bounds
Using the Basic Fitting Interface
Using FFT to Calculate Sunspot Periodicity

Function Functions

Plotting Mathematical Functions
Minimizing Functions of One Variable
Computing the Length of a Curve
Double Integration


Plotting Mathematical Functions

Function Handles

Fitting a Curve to Data

Differential Equations - Initial Value Problems

Solving an IVP ODE (van der Pol Equation, Nonstiff)
The van der Pol Equation, µ = 1000 (Stiff)
Solving a Fully Implicit ODE Problem
Simple Nonstiff Problem
Stiff Problem (van der Pol Equation)
Finite Element Discretization
Large, Stiff, Sparse Problem
Simple Event Location
Advanced Event Location
Differential-Algebraic Problem
Summary of Code Examples

Differential Equations - Initial Value Delay Problems

A Straightforward Problem
Cardiovascular Model

Differential Equations - Boundary Value Problems

ODE Boundary Value Problem Examples
Mathieu's Equation
Using Continuation to Solve a Difficult BVP
Using Continuation to Verify a Solution's Consistent Behavior
Solving a BVP that Has a Singular Term

Partial Differential Equations

PDE Examples
A Single PDE
Electrodynamics Problem

Sparse Matrices

Generating a Second Difference Operator