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Getting Started

    Signal Processing Basics
        What Is the Signal Processing Toolbox?
            Signal Processing Toolbox Central Features
            Filtering and FFTs
            Signals and Systems
            Key Areas: Filter Design and Spectral Analysis
            Interactive Tools

        Representing Signals
            Vector Representation

        Waveform Generation: Time Vectors and Sinusoids
            Common Sequences: Unit Impulse, Unit Step, and Unit Ramp
            Multichannel Signals
            Common Periodic Waveforms
            Common Aperiodic Waveforms
            The pulstran Function
            The Sinc Function
            The Dirichlet Function

        Working with Data
        Filter Implementation and Analysis
            Convolution and Filtering
            Filters and Transfer Functions
            Filtering with the filter Function

        The filter Function
        Other Functions for Filtering
            Multirate Filter Bank Implementation
            Anti-Causal, Zero-Phase Filter Implementation
            Frequency Domain Filter Implementation

        Impulse Response
        Frequency Response
            Digital Domain
            Analog Domain
            Magnitude and Phase

        Zero-Pole Analysis
        Linear System Models
            Discrete-Time System Models
            Continuous-Time System Models
            Linear System Transformations

        Discrete Fourier Transform
        Selected Bibliography


Filter Design and Implementation

    Filter Requirements and Specification
    IIR Filter Design
        Classical IIR Filter Design Using Analog Prototyping
        Comparison of Classical IIR Filter Types

    FIR Filter Design
        Linear Phase Filters
        Windowing Method
        Multiband FIR Filter Design with Transition Bands
        Constrained Least Squares FIR Filter Design
        Arbitrary-Response Filter Design

    Special Topics in IIR Filter Design
        Analog Prototype Design
        Frequency Transformation
        Filter Discretization

    Filter Implementation
        Using dfilt

    Selected Bibliography

Statistical Signal Processing

    Correlation and Covariance
        Bias and Normalization
        Multiple Channels

    Spectral Analysis
        Spectral Estimation Method
        Nonparametric Methods
        Parametric Methods

    Selected Bibliography

Special Topics

        Graphical User Interface Tools
        Basic Shapes
        Generalized Cosine Windows
        Kaiser Window
        Chebyshev Window

    Parametric Modeling
        Time-Domain Based Modeling
        Frequency-Domain Based Modeling

    Cepstrum Analysis
        Inverse Complex Cepstrum

    FFT-Based Time-Frequency Analysis
    Median Filtering
    Communications Applications
    Specialized Transforms
        Chirp z-Transform
        Discrete Cosine Transform
        Hilbert Transform

    Selected Bibliography

FDATool: A Filter Design and Analysis GUI

        Filter Design Methods
        Using the Filter Design and Analysis Tool
        Analyzing Filter Responses
        Filter Design and Analysis Tool Panels
        Getting Help

    Opening FDATool
    Choosing a Response Type
    Choosing a Filter Design Method
    Setting the Filter Design Specifications
        Filter Order
        Bandpass Filter Frequency Specifications
        Bandpass Filter Magnitude Specifications

    Computing the Filter Coefficients
    Analyzing the Filter
        Using Data Markers
        Drawing Spectral Masks
        Changing the Sampling Frequency
        Displaying the Response in FVTool

    Editing the Filter Using the Pole/Zero Editor
    Converting the Filter Structure
        Converting to a New Structure
        Converting to Second-Order Sections

    Importing a Filter Design
        Filter Structures

    Exporting a Filter Design
        Exporting Coefficients or Objects to the Workspace
        Exporting Coefficients to an ASCII File
        Exporting Coefficients or Objects to a MAT-File
        Exporting to SPTool
        Exporting to Simulink

    Generating a C Header File
    Generating an M-File
    Managing Filters in the Current Session
    Saving and Opening Filter Design Sessions

SPTool: A Signal Processing GUI Suite

    SPTool: An Interactive Signal Processing Environment
        SPTool Data Structures

    Opening SPTool
    Getting Context-Sensitive Help
    Signal Browser
        Opening the Signal Browser

    Filter Designer
        Filter Types
        FIR Filter Methods
        IIR Filter Methods
        Pole/Zero Editor
        Spectral Overlay Feature
        Opening the Filter Designer

    Filter Visualization Tool
        Opening the Filter Visualization Tool
        Filter Visualization Tool Components
        Using Data Markers
        Analysis Parameters

    Spectrum Viewer
        Opening the Spectrum Viewer

    Filtering and Analysis of Noise
        Step 1: Importing a Signal into SPTool
        Step 2: Designing a Filter
        Step 3: Applying a Filter to a Signal
        Step 4: Analyzing a Signal
        Step 5: Spectral Analysis in the Spectrum Viewer

    Exporting Signals, Filters, and Spectra
        Opening the Export Dialog Box
        Exporting a Filter to the MATLAB Workspace

    Accessing Filter Parameters
        Accessing Filter Parameters in a Saved Filter
        Accessing Parameters in a Saved Spectrum

    Importing Filters and Spectra into SPTool
        Importing Filters
        Importing Spectra

    Loading Variables from the Disk
    Selecting Signals, Filters, and Spectra in SPTool
    Editing Signals, Filters, or Spectra in SPTool
    Designing a Filter with the Pole/Zero Editor
        Positioning Poles and Zeros

    Redesigning a Filter Using the Magnitude Plot
    Setting Preferences
    Making Signal Measurements with Markers

Functions -- Categorical List

    FIR Digital Filter Design
    IIR Digital Filter Design
    IIR FIlter Order Estimation
    Filter Analysis
    Filter Implementation
    Analog Lowpass Filter Prototypes
    Analog Filter Design
    Analog Filter Transformation
    Filter Discretization
    Linear System Transformations
    Cepstral Analysis
    Statistical Signal Processing and Spectral Analysis
    Parametric Modeling
    Linear Prediction
    Multirate Signal Processing
    Waveform Generation
    Specialized Operations
    Graphical User Interfaces

Functions -- Alphabetical List

GUI: Filter Design and Analysis Tool

    Filter Design and Analysis GUI Overview
    Standard Toolbar Buttons
    Display Region
        Response Types and Icons
        Data Markers
        Design Masks
        Analysis Parameters
        Sampling Frequency

    Full View Analysis
    Current Filter Information Region
    Design Filter Panel
        Response Type Region
        Design Method Region
        Filter Order Region
        Options Region
        Frequency Specifications Region
        Frequency Specifications Region: Lowpass
        Frequency Specifications Region: Raised Cosine
        Frequency Specifications Region: Highpass
        Frequency Specifications Region: Bandpass
        Frequency Specifications Region: Bandstop
        Frequency and Magnitude Specifications Regions: Other Filters
        Magnitude Specifications Region
        Magnitude Specifications Region: Lowpass
        Magnitude Specifications Region: Raised Cosine
        Magnitude Specifications Region: Highpass
        Magnitude Specifications Region: Bandpass
        Magnitude Specifications Region: Bandstop
        Design Filter Button

    Import Filter Panel
        Filter Coefficients Region
        Import Filter Button

    Pole/Zero Editor Panel
        Plot Mode Buttons
        Plot Parameters
        Edit Menu Options

    Other Sidebar Buttons

Demo: Vector Transition Processing Using Windows

    Vector Transition Demo--Background Information
        Reducing Settling Time by Smoothing
        Using Windows for Smoothing

    Example--Airplane Takeoff
    Vector Transition Demo
        Window Selection
        Vector Definition
        Second Derivative Plot
        Display Plots

Technical Conventions

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